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      In the town of Terre Haute, Indiana, in September 1961, a child was born. Her mother had severe problems of her own, certainly unable to care for a child in any case. This child, though, would have been hard on any mother. Confirmed were the severe birth defects that had been expected because of her mother's history. Hydrocephalus was evident and doctor said that the severely retarded child would never walk or talk and would certainly live only a few years. In January 1964, she was sent to a Warsaw, Indiana nursing home to die.

      But dedicated care workers refused to give up on her. They taught her to walk and talk and gave her love. On June 30, 1965, three-year-old Gail Spencer walked out of that nursing home to the foster family that would take her into their family. Amazed doctors still only gave her another seven or eight years. They were wrong.

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Gail's First Story

Gail Moves On

      There's more to this story of the little three-year-old girl who walked out of that nursing home in 1965 where she had been sent to die. If Gail had been conceived after 1973, she would have been aborted without a second thought. But they would have been wrong also.

Gail graduated from Hobart High
 School, Hobart Indiana in 1980       I am thankful that Gail was born before abortion was legalized in the United States, because today she is my wife and the mother of our two beautiful children. She graduated from high school in 1980. She drives when she needs to, though she doesn't care for Las Vegas traffic. She helps the children with their homework and our daughter with the Girl Scouts. She volunteers in the children's classrooms and the PTA fund-raisers. She will always find the time to give a neighbor some help in the home or with a craft idea. It would have been a real tragedy to kill her before birth just because she was inconvenient or had a poor life forecast.

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